Fashion Service, we bring ideas to life, meeting any need from Clients
Fashion Service, sharing, interpreting, solving. Our flexibility at your service
Fashion Service, we bring ideas to life, meeting any need from Clients
Fashion Service, from pattern to finished product
Made in Italy

Fashion Service
From pattern to finished product

Fashion Service was born in the early 2000s as an evolution of Dino Casagrande’s multi-year experience in Cut, Make & Trim garment production, developed and organised so as to offer a real Fully Factored service to Clients.

We produce Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s clothing, starting from Client’s sketch, with patterns and prototypes made in-house, then sampling, bulk production, either abroad or in Italy, on to the delivery of finished products.
We are skilled in blazers, coats, outerwear, trousers, and skirt. We manage both piece-dyed fabrics and garment-dyed products.

Many Clients rely on our experience to finalize the garment fitting, with particular reference to Outerwear.

Our production sites

Do you prefer a “Made-In-Italy”? Our in-house cutting department will cut-out your garments, the seamstresses of our in-house workroom will sew them and our ironing team will give the finishing touch.
Are you inclined to a “Made-Out”? our production abroad extends to Romania and Moldavia. We were among the first to outsource in Romania and are still operative there from our original site, now serving also as supporting base to give out production orders to our sub-contractors, all trusted factories, followed directly by our Technicians.

For flexible productions, close-by and easy to monitor.

FASHION SERVICE : Italian site

Italian site


Romanian site

Our services

Pattern making with investronica CAD systems

In-house prototypes making

Fabrics and trims sourcing


In-house cutting and ironing of prototypes, samples and made-in-italy bulk production

Made in Italy productions in-house or at well-established, long-term sub-contractors

Made in Romania or moldavia productions, managed by our romania-based platform

From pattern to purchasing to production: the fully-factored service

In-house qc and delivery of finished products to clients’ warehouses

Made in Italy
Fashion Service : Womenswear, Menswear and Kidswear production Woman appereal production Outerwear-production : jackets, blazer, coats production Outerwear-production : jackets, blazer, coats production Appereal production - Roncade - Treviso - Italy Garment production - Roncade - Treviso - Italy