High quality workmanship clothing italian company
High quality workmanship clothing italian company
Made in Italy

High-quality workmanship

Outerwear is our excellence.

We have all the know-how to produce blazer, jackets, coats and generally outerwear, even the most elaborate, and the equipment needed to produce it. We work on various fabric types, from the most varied woven fabrics to the comfort ones and the tecnica ones. For the garment-dye goods we cooperate with the most reliable dyeing Companies in Italy and Romania. And we have the same approach with trousers, pants, skirts and dresses.

Our production sites

flexible productions, close-by and easy to monitor

FASHION SERVICE : Italian site

Italian site


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Our services

Pattern making with investronica CAD systems

In-house prototypes making

Fabrics and trims sourcing


In-house cutting and ironing of prototypes, samples and made-in-italy bulk production

Made in Italy productions in-house or at well-established, long-term sub-contractors

Made in Romania or moldavia productions, managed by our romania-based platform

From pattern to purchasing to production: the fully-factored service

In-house qc and delivery of finished products to clients’ warehouses

Made in Italy
Fashion Service : Womenswear, Menswear and Kidswear production